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Jazz Coming

Is a band composed of Néstor García (guitar), Juan Antonio Martín (saxophones), Carlos Meneses (contrabass) & Suso Vega (drums). They have been regularly doing the circuit around jazz haunts on the island of Gran Canaria since the year 2009, where they have been developing a repertoire based on arrangements of original themes. Their sound is inspired by albums of the Blue Note recording label. They have participated at the ‘Festival Internacional de Jazz Otoño’ (International Autumn Jazz Festival) 2013, and ‘Festival Smoke Jazz & Drink’. They are preparing for the recording of their first CD, with some guest artists like Aridane Martín on the vibraphone and singer Pino Quimont.

Néstor García (guitar)

Guitarrist, bassist & producer, he commenced his musical studies in a self-taught capacity and later had lessons with Peter Matthews and José Carlos Díaz. He also studied at Goldsmiths College and Morley College in London.

With respect to his role as a performer, he has recorded & played as much in the Canaries as in England, with a variety of musical styles. Some highlights of his work have been the recording made with international pop artist Björk in the CD Telegram and his participation in concerts, festivales and recordings with Tumbaito, Jesús Alemañy, Vida Nova, Roger Boujelais, Diblo Díbala, Grace Kennedy & Snowboy, … Since his return to the Canaries in 1999, he has worked with Taburiente, Pucho Lopez, Carlos Oramas, Mariví Cabo, Javier Infante and timple player Yone Rodríguez, among others.

Juan Antonio Martín (saxophones)
Saxophonist born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, who achieved his title at the ‘Conservatorio Profesional de Música’ (Professional Conservatory of Music) in this city, began his training at the old ‘Aula de Jazz’ (Jazz Classroom) in Gran Canaria’s capital to then continue at the ‘Instituto de Enseñanzas Musicales’ (IDEM)(Institute of Musical Education) and courses at the ‘Taller de Musics’ (Music Workshop) in Barcelona.

His musical career encompasses an endless list of genres which range from jazz to soul, funk and Latin music. He has been a member of a number of groups on the islands: Sugar Hill Band, Halle Bop, Under Jazz Quartet, Lufuki Funkdation & Grebede Sax, among others.

Since the year 2003 to date, he is an active member of the ‘Big Band de Canarias’.

Jesús Morales Vega ( Suso Vega, drums)
Self-taught drummer, he has attended classes with Bruno Pedroso, Tobias Backaus, Aldo Caviglia, Andrea Michelutti, Carlos Carli & Juanma Barroso, among others.

He has worked with different musicians and groups: Jazz Coming, Javier Infante, Rayko León, Anthony Angenot, Gran Canaria Dixieland Band, Mario Rivero Big Band, Antonio Auyanet, Arturo Serra, Gilles Estoppey, Marcin Bachorski, Oliver Pospiech and Errol Woiski.

Carlos Meneses (contrabass)
From a very early age he had shown a great interest and qualities in and for music. At the age of fourteen, he abandoned his official studies on the violin to teach himself the guitar. Since then, he has studied the piano, drums, bass, contrabass & vocals, with a variety of styles, such as rock, funk, classical and mainly jazz. However, he gives prominence to specializing on the electric bass & contrabass. His passion is playing these instruments, but is also keen on harmony, improvisation, composition, transcription & musical arrangement.

He has been musically active since 2006 and has belonged to a number of Canarian groups, thus coming into contact with some great musicians of different styles. He has been fortunate enough to participate in a variety of festivals & contests both with his own band as well as with other ensembles.

Some highlights of his work are with the Gran Canaria Big Band, Alegransa, David Quevedo Quintet, Mingo Roque Trio, Jazz Coming, Carlos Meneses & the Midi Cables, among many others.

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