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De la raíz al aire is the latest work by Canarian musician Paco Perera, in which he submerges his roots in Canarian folklore. The melodic, rhythmic & harmonic elements are as much influential as the instrumentation in making its origin clearly recognisable by means of the compositions. This identity carries through to other pleasant surroundings that encompass jazz and electronic music. This project investigates a mixture of sounds that originate from very different ‘fields’. The acoustic tones of the contrabass, the piano, the laud (type of lute) and the timple come together and blend with electric sounds being backed by a rhythm section which is a combination of drums & traditional percussion: local type of snare drums from the islands of Hierro & Gomera (tambores herreños y gomeros) and local type of castanets (chácaras). From the deconstruction of the structural elements of folklore and incorporation of contemporary sounds emerges this new product with a marked Canarian identity.

Paco Perera, Canarian bassist, contrabassist & composer can boast of having  extensive experience in a varied number of genres, such as jazz, Canarian folklore, Latin music, flamenco, etc. etc. He received his music education & training at the ESMuC in Barcelona, and developed his career between that city and Madrid, working with figures like Lucrecia, Lole Montoya, Moncho, Las Migas, Caramelo, Jorge Rossy, Antonio Serrano and Allan Harris.

The band’s members are David León (drums, percussion, electronics), David Quevedo (piano & keyboards), Luis Ortíz (electronics), Luis Montesdeoca (laudino & violin) and José Rodríguez (laúd (chordophone) & timple). It is an eclectic group made up of established musicians by virtue of their national & international career experience.

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