Perinké Big Band

Perinké Big Band

This big band started off their musical activity in the year 2005. In the early stages of their chosen path, they proceeded under the ‘umbrella’ of the ‘Conservatorio Profesional de Música’ (Professional Conservatory of Music) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as part of the complementary activity at said centre. in 2009, the big band broke free and began setting off on their solitary journey. With the passing of time, they have been consolidating little by little to become one of the most recognised musical ensembles of the city, as well as on the island where they come from.

Among the concerts that contributed to their exalted position is the inauguration of the cycle “Noches de Jazz” (Jazz Nights) in the year 2007 and the “I Festival Cultural de Primavera” (I Spring Festival of Culture) in 2009, both in the municipality of Firgas; also the Final of the contest ‘Concurso Acordes de Caja Madrid’, held at the Tenerife Auditorium in March 2008; concerts staged at the auditoriums ‘Auditorio del CPMLPGC’ and ‘Auditorio de Corralejo’ in 2009, with Arturo Serra, known musician on the current Spanish jazz scene; a concert held at the ‘Paraninfo de la Universidad’ (University Assembly Hall) of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, featuring in the cultural programme celebrating the twentieth anniversary of said university; performance as guest band in the celebratory act of the XX anniversary of the ‘Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno’ (Atlantic Centre of Modern Art)(CAAM), in December 2009; participations at the celebration of the island of Gran Canaria’s patron saint the ‘Fiestas del Pino’ in the years 2010 & 2015 (Teror); a concert staged at the ‘III Playa Viva Blues Festival’ (Live Beach Blues Festival) in 2010, and their performances at music venues, such as the ‘Sala Insular de Teatro’ (SIT) or the ‘Auditorio de Teror’ (Teror Auditorium) in the year 2011.

As a result of their collaboration with some Canarian musicians specializing in jazz & modern music (José Alberto Medina, Gilberto Rivero, Javier Montero, Juan Manuel Alemán, Enrique Fernández-Villamil, Rayko León), sprung the idea of the composition of an original theme for the band, with the objective of setting in motion the recording of the band’s first disc Desde Aqui, which they made in the year 2012. In it they express, for the first time, original pieces written & arranged for the occasion by active Canarian composers & musicians who carry out their work in the circle & sphere of jazz, both national and local.

Part of this work was presented to the general public for the first time during the celebration of the jazz festival ‘Canarias Jazz&Más Heineken’ in 2012, but it wasn’t finally until March 2013 when the complete album was released.

During the year 2014 they premiered the show BB-EJazz (big band music with ‘Esencia de Mujer y Jazz en Femenino’ – Woman’s Essence & Female Jazz) and performed with the string section of the ‘Orquesta Universitaria (University Orchestra) Maestro Valle’. They also staged a collaboratory concert with the great jazz vocalist from California (USA), Judy Niemack within the cycle “Jazz´In Caja”.

In May of the past year they premiered a new show, titled Rock Swings, a tribute to rock music of the 80s & 90s in versions for the big band. This had already been presented in Teror and also in Santa Cruz de Tenerife within the programme of the festival ‘Canarias Jazz&Más Heineken’ and continue performing when on tour of the archipelago.

At the start of the year 2016, they collaborated with Celia Mur in the show Una noche con Celia and at the end of May premiered Canary Islands Standards, featuring arrangements by Rayko León, for the purpose of celebrating ‘Día de Canarias’ (Canaries Day) and which they will perform at the “XXV Festival Canarias Jazz&Más Heineken”.

The regular director/conductor of the Perinké Big Band is Ximo Martinez Castelló. The associate director is Juan Manuel Alemán.

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