TOUCHÉ! is a duo of very different guitars, an ambitious project whose results are an elaborate work of high quality. Without doubt, the most outstanding feature of this duo is the originality of their compositions, which don’t deal with any solid structures and are also difficult to categorise in a particular style. They appeal to different audiences because of this, while staying clear of being based exclusively on expertise and avoid falling into clichés. The objective is to constantly offer different emotions. And it is perhaps due to this that the most common impression left with the audience is one of a pleasant experience, which one would not expect beforehand in a group such as this, with only two musicians. Exceed expectations – thrill – excite.

To talk of Touché! is to talk of the guitars of Jonay G. Mesa and Yeray A. Herrera, both natives from the island of Tenerife. The duo was formed very recently, although its two members have many years of experience acquired by means of playing with different groups & instruments; and all this is made obvious from the first moment by just looking at the guitars they use: a Brazilean seven-string guitar (violão brasileiro) and a manouche (gypsy) guitar.

Currently, Touché! is in the middle of promoting their first disc, titled Pictures. An album which was recorded live, as can be seen in the first videoclip made by the duo in their own studio.

There were big targets to reach with the debut of this duo’s recorded work and they were surpassed from the first moment. Since its presentation in December 2015 in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, their native city, Pictures has had a superb reception with respect to general public opinion, as well as by promoters. This is the reason they have begun programming concerts, among which the following venues are worth noting: Theatres Leal and Guimerá, two of Tenerife’s most important, and the Guitar Festival in that island’s capital city.

Touché! is without doubt an original & quality selective choice.

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