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Crossbow Buyer's Guide: How To Buy The Best Crossbow For Hunting

Unlike the ancient crossbows or Chinese crossbows, modern crossbows are primarily designed for hunting or target shooting, but not for the war. So when it comes to hunting, they have more to offer. But before buying the best crossbow, there are a few things to consider. If you want to buy a high-quality crossbow then you need to follow these factors.

Draw Weight Of The Crossbow

The average draw weight of a good crossbow is between 75 and 125 pounds. However, some are bidding up to pounds.

While the more you draw the better, it's important to note that some states do not allow bows heavier than 175 pounds to be drawn. Other states like Ohio allow bows with tow weights up to 200 pounds. So check out the crossbow laws by state.


A common misconception is that faster is better. However, this is not always true. For example, a typical crossbow provides 260 FPS to 400 FPS.

If you want to get the best out of your crossbow, then I suggest you choose a crossbow with a speed of 250-300 FPS. High-speed bows tend to make noise due to the vibrations from the projectile.

Additionally, faster speeds increase the chances of wear and tear. So choosing the correct arrows and broadheads is really important for hunting, especially mechanical broadhead tuning, can be a challenge for the fastest crossbows.

That said, don't buy a faster arrow just because the manufacturer says it's better.

Arrow Track

Also known as the barrel or flight track, this is the part of the crossbow that is responsible for firing arrows. Aluminum and polymers are the two materials from which crossbow barrels are made. Most high-quality crossbows have aluminum arrow track.

Noise And Vibrations

One of the main advantages of a crossbow over a firearm is that the former is quieter than the latter. However, noise is something to consider when purchasing a bow.

There are many tools that can be used to reduce the noise and vibration of a hunting crossbow. Some of them employ string vibration damping technology. The latter uses rubber shock absorbers to reduce the vibration of the rope when the bow is fired.

The quietest unit is the best recurve crossbow with parallel limb. However, these recurve bows do not have the same range as compound crossbows. For compound crossbows used in shooting ranges, noise is not a consideration.

Recommended FPS Of The Hunting Crossbow

Choose your crossbow to fire your hunting arrows at an initial velocity of at least 250 to 300 FPS (feet per second). By generating this speed, the arrow will gain enough kinetic energy to kill any large prey cleanly, while also eliminating the arrow's long-range ballistic issues.


Choosing a crossbow based on weight has never been easier. This is because the heavy crossbows provide more stability, while light crossbows provide better maneuverability.

So if you're strong enough to carry a heavy crossbow and don't move a lot while hunting, a heavier bow can be used.

However, if you move a lot or are not strong enough, a lighter bow would be ideal.


If you want the best out of your crossbow for deer hunting, consider a part that is metal. Some crossbows have plastic parts. The problem with these types of parts is that they break easily. Metal is a more durable material.

Other Consideration

The best crossbow for deer hunting will have some extra features that are part of your crossbow hunting gear.

The cocking aid is used to make the trigger of the crossbow easier. There are two types, one is a rope cocking device and the other is a crank cocking device. When hunting, I recommend using a rope cocking device.

A top crossbow should have a good crossbow scope in addition to cocking and assist.

Noise reduction devices that reduce crossbow noise levels can also improve bow performance.

Best Crossbow For Deer Hunting: Top Rated 6 Reviews

Compound crossbows are not cheap. However, when you have the budget, you can still get high-quality bolts without compromising on quality. After experimenting with several affordable crossbows, I believe the CenterPoint Sniper 370 and Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II 350 FPS are the best budget crossbows for hunting.

The highly recommended hunting crossbows are as follows:

  • Best Crossbow For Beginners: CenterPoint Sniper 370
  • Best Crossbow For The Money: Barnett Whitetail Hunter II
  • Best Professional Crossbow For Hunting: Ravin R10
  • Most Powerful Crossbow: Ravin R29X
  • Best Reverse Draw Crossbow: Wicked Ridge RDX 400
  • Best Crossbow For Hunting: TenPoint Viper S400

What are the Leading Crossbow Brands?

  • Barnett
  • Excalibur
  • TenPoint
  • Ravin
  • Wicked Ridge
  • SA Sports
  • CenterPoint
  • Horton
  • PSE
  • Bear X
  • Parker
  • Carbon Express


There are so many bows that you can use your next crossbow to hunt deer. However, not all of them will give you the results you want. Essentially, you have to get the best crossbow for your needs. Fortunately, all of the crossbows mentioned above are great crossbows. I hope these best crossbow reviews and the hunting tips above were of great help to you.

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